Vol 26, No 3

Fall 2005

Table of Contents


Special Issue on Innovative Applications of AI: Guest Editor's Introduction PDF
Randall W. Hill, Jr., Neil Jacobstein 17


The General-Motors Variation-Reduction Adviser PDF
Alexander P. Morgan, John A. Cafeo, Kurt Godden, Ronald M. Lesperance, Andrea M. Simon, Deborah L. McGuinness, James L. Benedict 19
Making Better Recommendations with Online Profiling Agents PDF
Danny Oh, Chew Lim Tan 29
Ergonomics Analysis for Vehicle Assembly Using Artificial Intelligence PDF
Nestor Rychtyckyj 41
Tenth Anniversary of the Plastics Color Formulation Tool PDF
William E. Cheetham 51
VModel: A Visual Qualitative Modeling Environment for Middle-school Students PDF
Kenneth D. Forbus, Karen Carney, Bruce L. Sherin, Leo C. Ureel II 63
Identifying Terrorist Activity with AI Plan Recognition Technology PDF
Peter A. Jarvis, Teresa F. Lunt, Karen L. Myers 73
Synthetic Adversaries for Urban Combat Training PDF
Robert E. Wray, John E. Laird, Andrew Nuxoll, Devvan Stokes, Alex Kerfoot 82


Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of AAAI: Notes from the AAAI-05 and IAAI-05 Conferences PDF
Sara R. Hedberg 12


Carol Hamilton 3
Calendar of Events PDF


AI in the News PDF
Jonathan Glick 96

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