Vol 26, No 4

Winter 2005

Table of Contents


Happy Anniversary, AAAI and AI Magazine! PDF
David B. Leake 1


The Origins of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence PDF
Raj Reddy 5
Some Recollections about the Early Days of AAAI PDF
Bruce G. Buchanan 13
SIGART on AAAI's Founding: The Chairman's Message, 1980 PDF
Lee Daniel Erman 17
Organizing the Tutorials at AAAI-80 PDF
Rick Hayes-Roth 19
Reflections on the First AAAI Conference PDF
Robert Balzer 21
The First AAAI President's Message PDF
Allen Newell 24
Stories of AAAI -- Before the Beginning and After: A Love Letter PDF
Edward A. Feigenbaum 30
Reconsiderations PDF
Nils J. Nilsson 36
The Future of AI -- A Manifesto PDF
John McCarthy 39
AAAI: It's Time for Large-Scale Systems PDF
Daniel G. Bobrow 40
Whither AI: Identity Challenges of 1993-95 PDF
Barbara J. Grosz 42
An Opinionated History of AAAI PDF
David Waltz 45
Getting Back to "The Very Idea" PDF
Ronald J. Brachman 48
The Coevolution of AI and AAAI PDF
Alan K. Mackworth 51
A (Very) Brief History of Artificial Intelligence PDF
Bruce G. Buchanan 53
If Not Turing's Test, Then What? PDF
Paul R. Cohen 61
Human-Level Artificial Intelligence? Be Serious! PDF
Nils J. Nilsson 68
Knowledge Is Power: A View from the Semantic Web PDF
James A. Hendler 76
Artificial Intelligence: The Next Twenty-Five Years PDF
Matthew Stone, Haym Hirsh 85


The 2005 AAAI Classic Paper Awards PDF
Tom Mitchell, Hector Levesque 98
The Twentieth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence PDF
Manuela M. Veloso, Subbarao Kambhampati 100
The Workshops at the Twentieth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence PDF
Diego Molla Aliod, Eduardo Alonso, Srinivas Bangalore, Joseph Beck, Bir Bhanu, Jim Blythe, Mark Boddy, Amedeo Cesta, Marko Grobelink, Dilek Hakkani-Tur, Sanda Harabagiu, Alain Lege, Deborah L. McGuinness, Stacy Marsella, Natasha Milic-Frayling, Dunja Mladenic, Dan Oblinger, Paul Rybski, Pavel Shvaiko, Stephen Smith, Biplav Srivastava, Sheila Tejada, Hannes Vilhjalmsson, Kristinn Thorisson, Gokhan Tur, Jose Luis Vicedo, Holger Wache 102


AAAI Officials: 1980-2005 PDF
AAAI 109
Carol Hamilton 112
Calendar of Events PDF
AAAI 116


AI in the News PDF
Jonathan Glick 120

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