Vol 27, No 2

Summer 2006

Table of Contents


Achieving Human-Level Intelligence through Integrated Systems and Research: Introduction to This Special Issue PDF
Nicholas Cassimatis, Erik T. Mueller, Patrick Henry Winston 12


Engines of the Brain: The Computational Instruction Set of Human Cognition PDF
Richard Granger 15
Cognitive Architectures and General Intelligent Systems PDF
Pat Langley 33
A Cognitive Substrate for Achieving Human-Level Intelligence PDF
Nicholas L. Cassimatis 45
Comparative Analysis of Frameworks for Knowledge-Intensive Intelligent Agents PDF
Randolph M. Jones, Robert E. Wray 57
Using 4D/RCS to Address AI Knowledge Integration PDF
Craig Schlenoff, Jim Albus, Elena Messina, Anthony J. Barbera, Raj Madhavan, Stephen Balakirsky 71
Companion Cognitive Systems: A Step toward Human-Level AI PDF
Kenneth D. Forbus, Thomas R. Hinrichs 83
Toward Virtual Humans PDF
William R. Swartout, Jonathan Gratch, Randall W. Hill, Jr., Eduard Hovy, Stacy Marsella, Jeff Rickel, David Traum 96


Carol Hamilton 4
Celebrating AI's Fiftieth Anniversary and Continuing Innovation at the AAAI/IAAI-06 Conferences PDF
Sara R. Hedberg 8


Calendar of Events PDF
AAAI 109


AI and the News PDF
Jonathan Glick 112

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