Vol 29, No 1

Spring 2008

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Special Issue on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence PDF
William Cheetham, Mehmet H. Goker 7


Coordinating Hundreds of Cooperative, Autonomous Vehicles in Warehouses PDF
Peter R. Wurman, Raffaello D'Andrea, Mick Mountz 9
Fish Inspection System Using a Parallel Neural Network Chip and the Image Knowledge Builder Application PDF
Anne Menendez, Guy Paillet 21
Intelligent Content Discovery on the Mobile Internet: Experiences and Lessons Learned PDF
Barry Smyth, Paul Cotter, Stephen Oman 29
Custom DU: A Web-Based Business User-Driven Automated Underwriting System PDF
Srinivas Krovvidy 41
An AI Framework for the Automatic Assessment of e-Government Forms PDF
Andy Hon Wai Chun 52
Enabling Scientific Research using an Interdisciplinary Virtual Observatory: The Virtual Solar-Terrestrial Observatory Example PDF
Deborah L. McGuinness, Peter Fox, Luca Cinquini, Patrick West, Jose Garcia, James L. Benedict, Don Middleton 65
A Web-Based Agent Challenges Human Experts on Crosswords PDF
Marco Ernandes, Giovanni Angelini, Marco Gori 77


The AAAI Video Archive PDF
Bruce G. Buchanan, Reid G. Smith, Jon Glick 91
Report on the Eighteenth International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX-07) PDF
Gautam Biswas, Xenofon Koutsoukos 95
Report on the 2007 Workshop on Modeling and Reasoning in Context PDF
Anders Kofod-Petersen, Jörg Cassens, David B. Leake, Stefan Schulz 97
AAAI Fall Symposium Reports PDF
Jerry Ball, Chris Arney, Samuel G. Collins, Mitchell Marcus, Sergei Nirenburg, Antonio Chella, Kai Goebel, Jason H. Li, Margaret Lyell, Brian Magerko, Riccardo Manzotti, Clayton T. Morrison, Tim Oates, Mark Riedl, Goran P. Trajkovski, Walt Truszkowski, Serdar Uckun 99


Carol M. Hamilton 3
Calendar of Events PDF
AAAI 105


Sudoku Puzzles PDF
Jon Glick 112

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