Vol 29, No 2

Summer 2008

Table of Contents


AI Magazine Poster: The AI Landscape PDF POSTER
David B. Leake, James Gary 3
Advancing AI Research and Applications by Learning from What Went Wrong and Why PDF
Daniel G. Shapiro, Mehmet H. Göker 9


The Voice of the Turtle: Whatever Happened to AI? PDF
Douglas B. Lenat 11
You Recommended What? PDF
John Riedl 20
Electric Elves: What Went Wrong and Why PDF
Milind Tambe 23
Moving Walls PDF
Marcel Schoppers 28
Beyond the Elves: Making Intelligent Agents Intelligent PDF
Craig A. Knoblock, José Luis Ambite, Mark James Carman, Matthew Michelson, Pedro Szekely, Rattapoom Tuchinda 33
Three Anecdotes from the DARPA Autonomous Land Vehicle Project PDF
Daniel G. Shapiro 40
Simplicity Rather Than Knowledge PDF
William Bricken 41
Putting Intelligent Characters to Work PDF
Barbara Hayes-Roth 43
How Inappropriately Heavyweight AI Solutions Dragged Down A Startup (and Made Me Realize that Industrial Salaries Are High for a Good Reason) PDF
Michael Wooldridge 49
Lessons Learned Delivering Optimized Supply Chain Planning to the Business World PDF
James M Crawford 51
Often, It’s not About the AI PDF
Neil Jacobstein 54
Reconstructing True Wrong Inductions PDF
Jean-Gabriel G Ganascia 57
Learning from Noise PDF
Martin Eric Mueller 62
A Self-Help Guide For Autonomous Systems PDF
Michael L. Anderson, Scott Fults, Darsana P. Josyula, Tim Oates, Don Perlis, Shomir Wilson, Dean Wright 67
A Too-Clever Ranking Method PDF
Tim Oates 74


The Third International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Terry Fong, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Matthias Scheutz, Yiannis Demiris 77


Carol M. Hamilton 5
Calendar of Events PDF

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