Vol 31, No 2

Summer Issue

Table of Contents


AAAI Leadership Transition PDF
Martha Pollack, Henry Kautz 7


PIM: A Novel Architecture for Coordinating Behavior of Distributed Systems PDF
Kenneth M. Ford, James Allen, Niranjan Suri, Patrick J. Hayes, Robert Morris 9
Applying Software Engineering to Agent Development PDF
Mark A. Cohen, Frank E. Ritter, Steven R Haynes 25
An Analysis of Current Trends in CBR Research Using Multi-View Clustering PDF
Derek Greene, Jill Freyne, Barry Smyth, Pádraig Cunningham 45
Pushing the Limits of Rational Agents: The Trading Agent Competition for Supply Chain Management PDF
John Collins, Wolfgang Ketter, Norman Sadeh 63
Report on the 2008 Reinforcement Learning Competition PDF
Shimon Whiteson, Brian Tanner, Adam White 81


SARA 2009: The Eighth Symposium on Abstraction, Reformulation and Approximation PDF
Vadim Bulitko, J. Christopher Beck 95
Computational Models of Narrative: Review of a Workshop PDF
Mark A. Finlayson, Whitman Richards, Patrick Henry Winston 97


Carol M. Hamilton 3
AAAI Conferences Calendar PDF
Managing Editor 104

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