Vol 32, No 4

Winter Issue

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Special Issue on Dialog with Robots PDF
Dan Bohus, Eric Horvitz, Takayuki Kanda, Bilge Mutlu, Antoine Raux 15-16


Designing Embodied Cues for Dialog with Robots PDF
Bilge Mutlu 17-30
How People Talk with Robots: Designing Dialog to Reduce User Uncertainty PDF
Kerstin Fischer 31-38
Believable Robot Characters PDF
Reid Simmons, Maxim Makatchev, Rachel Kirby, Min Kyung Lee, Imran Fanaswala, Brett Browning, Jodi Forlizzi, Majd Sakr 39-52
Turn-Taking Based on Information Flow for Fluent Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Andrea L. Thomaz, Crystal Chao 53-63
Approaching the Symbol Grounding Problem with Probabilistic Graphical Models PDF
Stefanie Tellex, Thomas Kollar, Steven Dickerson, Matthew R. Walter, Ashis Gopal Banerjee, Seth Teller, Nicholas Roy 64-76
Toward Humanlike Task-Based Dialogue Processing for Human Robot Interaction PDF
Matthias Scheutz, Rehj Cantrell, Paul Schermerhorn 77-84
The Curious Robot as a Case-Study for Comparing Dialog Systems PDF
Julia Peltason, Britta Wrede 85-99
Crowdsourcing Real World Human-Robot Dialog and Teamwork through Online Multiplayer Games PDF
Sonia Chernova, Nick DePalma, Cynthia Breazeal 100-111


The Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE 11): A Report PDF
Juan Carlos Augusto, Sean Hanna, Achilles Kameas, Ahmad Lotfi 112-113


Carol M. Hamilton 3-12
AAAI Conferences Calendar PDF
Managing Editor 120

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