Vol 4, No 3

Fall 1983

Table of Contents


Knowledge Programming in Loops PDF
Mark Stefik, Daniel G. Bobrow, Sanjay Mittal 3
The Distributed Vehicle Monitoring Testbed: A Tool for Investigating Distributed Problem Solving Networks PDF
Victor R. Lesser, Daniel G. Corkill 15
Humans That Think: A Future Trialogue PDF
Pamela McCorduck 35
GLISP: A Lisp-Based Programming System with Data Abstraction PDF
Gordon S. Novak 37
What Is Rational Psychology? Toward a Modern Mental Philosophy PDF
Jon Doyle 50
Artificial Intelligence: An Assessment of the State-of-the-Art and Recommendations for Future Directions PDF
David Waltz 55
Machine Learning: A Historical and Methodological Analysis PDF
Jaime G. Carbonell, Ryszard S. Michalski, Tom M. Mitchell 69

Book Reviews

Reviews of Books Editorial PDF
Michael Fehling 93
Review of "The Fifth Generation PDF
Saul Amarel 94

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