Vol 5, No 4

Winter 1984

Table of Contents


Letters to the Editor PDF
Jim Kornell, Robert Park, Christopher Dungan, Joop Schopman, David Drager, Nils J. Nilsson, Marty Kalin, John Gavin, Bernard Meltzer, Robert Salmansohn, Keith McCammon, Loren Martindale 3


Intelligence, Artificial and Otherwise PDF
William M. Chace 22
Physical Object Representation and Generalization: A Survey of Programs for Semantic-Based Natural Language Processing PDF
Kenneth Wasserman 28
Comparing Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Engineering: Commercialization Lessons PDF
Edward M. Dickson 44
Artificial Intelligence in Canada: A Review PDF
Gordon McCalla, Nick Cercone 50
The Professor's Challenge PDF
Pierre Bierre 60
Artificial Intelligence Research in Statistics PDF
William A. Gale, Daryl Pregibon 72
R1 and Beyond: AI Technology Transfer at Digital Equipment Corporation PDF
Stephen Polit 76
Artificial Intelligence at Schlumbergers PDF
David R. Barstow 72


Review of A Practical Guide to Designing Expert Systems PDF
William J. Clancey 84

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