Vol 6, No 2

Summer 1985

Table of Contents


Letters to the Editor PDF
Terry Rankin, John Malpas, Pierre Bierre, Jim Kornell, Bernard Meltzer, Sheldon Klein, Sandra Eveland, Graziella Tonfoni 18


Selection of an Appropriate Domain for an Expert System PDF
David S. Prerau 26
Knowledge Acquisition from Multiple Experts PDF
Sanjay Mittal, Clive L. Dym 32
A Biologist Looks at Cognitive Artificial Intelligence PDF
William K. Purves 38
The Real Estate Agent: Modeling Users By Uncertain Reasoning PDF
Katharina Morik, Claus-Rainer Rollinger 44
An AIer's Lament PDF
Jeffrey A. Barnett 54


Developing a Knowledge Engineering Capability in the TRW Defense Systems Group PDF
Edward C. Taylor 58
Artificial Intelligence Research at the University of Michigan PDF
Robert K. Lindsay 64
Artificial Intelligence Research at The Ohio State University PDF
B. Chandrasekaran 74
Artificial Intelligence Research in Engineering at North Carolina State University PDF
William J. Rasdorf, Edward L. Fisher 80
Tenth Annual Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: An Overview PDF
B. Chandrasekaran, Jack W. Smith 84
AAAI Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning PDF
David Etherington 92



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