Vol 6, No 4

Winter 1985

Table of Contents


Letters PDF
B. Chandrasekaran, Derek Partridge, Dennis de Champeaux, Steven Blake 27


Editorial PDF
Robert Engelmore 27


Object-Oriented Programming: Themes and Variations PDF
Mark Stefik, Daniel G. Bobrow 40
Reloading a Human Memory: A New Ethical Question for Artificial Intelligence Technology PDF
Kenneth Mark Colby 63
CYC: Using Common Sense Knowledge to Overcome Brittleness and Knowledge Acquisition Bottlenecks PDF
Douglas B. Lenat, Mayank Prakash, Mary Shepherd 65
Cognitive Technologies: The Design of Joint Human-Machine Cognitive Systems PDF
David D. Woods 86


AAAI-86: Experimenting with a New Conference Format PDF
Claudia Mazzetti, Jay Martin Tenenbaum, Ronald J. Brachman, Michael Genesereth, Mark Stefik 93

Book Reviews

Review of Readings in Medical Artificial Intelligence: The First Decade PDF
Perry L. Miller 105

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