Vol 8, No 1

Spring 1987

Table of Contents


Donald A. Waterman 1936-1987 PDF
Robert S. Engelmore 24


A Question of Responsibility PDF
M. Mitchell Waldrop 28
Yanli: A Powerful Natural Language Front-End Tool PDF
John C. Glasgow 40


The AAAI-86 Conference Exhibits: New Directions for Commercial Artificial Intelligence PDF
Jeffrey Stone 49
Workshop on the Foundations of AI: Final Report PDF
Derek Partridge 55
Intelligent-Machine Research at CESAR PDF
Charles R. Weisbin 62
Cognitive Expert Systems and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence Research at the University of Connecticut PDF
Mallory Selfridge, Donald J. Dickerson, Stanley F. Biggs 75

Book Reviews

Review of Heuristics: Intelligent Search Strategies for Computer Problem Solving PDF
Tod S. Levitt, Eric J. Horvitz 81
Review of Expert Micros PDF
Lee A. Gladwin 82


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