Vol 8, No 4

Winter 1987

Table of Contents


Letters to the Editor PDF
William Benzon, David Hays, Lindley Darden, David Young, Oscar Firschein, Leonard Kasday, Robert Engelmore, Marvin L. Minsky, Peter Patel-Schneider, Claudia Mazzetti, Edward A. Feigenbaum, H. Penny Nii, Lotfi A. Zadeh 7


Recognizing Address Blocks on Mail Pieces: Specialized Tools and Problem-Solving Architecture PDF
Sargur N. Srihari, Ching-Huei Wang, Paul W. Palumbo, Jonathan J. Hull 25
VT: An Expert Elevator Designer That Uses Knowledge-Based Backtracking PDF
Sandra Marcus, Jeffrey Stout, John McDermott 41
What Is AI, Anyway? PDF
Roger C. Schank 59
The Yale Artificial Intelligence Project: A Brief History PDF
Stephen Slade 67
An Assessment of Tools for Building Large Knowledge-Based Systems PDF
William Mettrey 81


Commercial AI Trends Seen at AAAI-87 PDF
Jeffrey Stone 93
The Third International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education PDF
Blaise W. Liffick 97
HITECH Wins Chess Tourney PDF
Hans J. Berliner 101
In Memorium: Kvetoslav "Slava" Prazdny PDF
Mike Baird, Perry W. Thorndyke, Jay M. Tenenbaum 105


Contributors PDF
AAAI 113

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