Vol 10, No 1

Spring 1989

Table of Contents


Letters to the Editor PDF
Jack Mostow, Janet Tyroler Mostow, Jordan Pollack, James A. Hendler, James R. Slagle, Michael R. Wick, Varol Akman 9


Motivating the Notion of Generic Design within Information-Processing Theory: The Design Problem Space PDF
Vinod Goel, Peter Pirolli 19
Logic and Decision-Theoretic Methods for Planning under Uncertainty PDF
Curtis Langlotz, Edward H. Shortliffe 39
A Computational Model of Reasoning from the Clinical Literature PDF
Glenn D. Rennels, Edward H. Shortliffe, Frank E. Stockdale, Perry L. Miller 49
Expert Systems: How Far Can They Go? Part One PDF
Randall Davis 61
Expert Systems in Government Administration PDF
Joseph Weintraub 69
IJCAI Policy on Multiple Publication of Papers PDF
Alan Bundy 73
The First Workshop on Blackboard Systems PDF
Rajendra Dodhiawala, Vasudevan Jagannathan, Larry Baum, Tom Skillman 77


Second International Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning PDF
Michael Reinfrank 81

Book Reviews

Review of Machine Translation: Past, Present, Future PDF
Nigel Ward 85
Review of A Comprehensive Guide to AI and Expert Systems: Turbo Pascal Edition PDF
Gregory B. White 86
Review of Expert Systems for the Technical Professional PDF
Francis D. Tuggle 87
Review of Natural Language Understanding PDF
Dekai Wu 88




Hitech Defeats Denker in AGS Challenge Match PDF
Hans J. Berliner 83

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