Vol 10, No 2

Summer 1989

Table of Contents


Letters to the Editor PDF
Tom Bylander, Jerry R. Hobbs, Peter F. Patel-Schneider 9


What If AI Succeeds? The Rise of the Twenty-First Century Artilect PDF
Hugo de Garis 17
The Mind at AI: Horseless Carriage to Clock PDF
William C. Hill 29
Artificial Laboratories PDF
Mark Lacy 43
An Investigation of AI and Expert Systems Literature: 1980-1984 PDF
Tim Menzies 53
Expert Systems: How Far Can They Go? Part Two PDF
Randall Davis 65


The Fifth International Conference on Machine Learning PDF
Usama Fayyad, John E. Laird, Keki B. Irani 79
Integration of Problem-Solving Techniques in Agriculture PDF
A. Dale Whittaker, Ronald H. Thieme 85

Book Reviews

Review of Perceptrons PDF
Stephen Grossberg 91
Review of The Rise of the Expert Company PDF
Robert A. Chalmers 96
Review of The Development of an Artificial Intelligence System for Inventory Management Using Multiple Experts PDF
Erwin M. Saniga 93
Review of Computer Experience and Cognitive Development PDF
Mallory Selfridge 93


William J. Clancey 110


Deep Thought Wins Fredkin Intermediate Prize PDF
Hans J. Berliner 89

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