Vol 10, No 3

Fall 1989

Table of Contents


Letters to the Editor. PDF
Edward H. Shortliffe, Kirk Wilson, David Brender, Harold Van Cott 10


Trial by Fire: Understanding the Design Requirements for Agents in Complex Environments PDF
Paul R. Cohen, Michael L. Greenberg, David M. Hart, Adele E. Howe 32
The Power of Physical Representations PDF
Varol Akman, Paul J. W. ten Hagen 49
On Interface Requirements for Expert Systems PDF
Richard L. Wexelblat 66
Knowledge-Based System Applications in Engineering Design: Research at MIT PDF
Duvvuru Sriram, George Stephanopoulos, Robert Logcher, David Gossard, Nicholas Groleau, David Serrano, Dundee Navinchandra 79


The 1988 AAAI Workshop on Explanation PDF
Michael R. Wick 22
Current Issues in Natural Language Generation: An Overview of the AAAI Workshop on Text Planning and Realization PDF
Eduard H. Hovy, David D. McDonald, Sheryl R. Young 27

Book Reviews

Review of Automated Reasoning: Thirty-Three Basic Research Problems PDF
Ulrich Wendl 103
Review of Logic Foundations of Artificial Intelligence PDF
Drew McDermott 103
Response to Drew McDermott's Review of Logical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence PDF
Nils J. Nilsson 105


William J. Clancey, Michael Fehling, Stuart Russell, Richard E. Fikes, Mark Stickel, Woody Bledsoe, Richard E. Korm, William B. Thompson, David R. Barstow 16

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