Vol 11, No 1

Spring 1990

Table of Contents


No Reliance Can Be Placed on Appearance: A Response to Kuipers (Letter to the Editor) PDF
Varol Akman, Paul ten Hagen 10


Robotic Assembly and Task Planning PDF
Avinash C. Kak 9
Artificial Intelligence and Marine Design PDF
Saul Amarel, Louis Steinberg 14
Directions in AI Research and Applications at Siemens Corporate Research and Development PDF
Wolfram Buettner, Klaus Estenfeld, Hans Haugenederr, Peter Struss 20
Spar: A Planner that Satisfies Operational and Geometric Goals in Uncertain Environments PDF
Seth A. Hutchinson, Avinash C. Kak 30
Assembly Sequence Planning PDF
Arthur C. Sanderson, Luiz S. Homem de Mello, Hui Zhang 62
A Group Theoretic Approach to Assembly Planning PDF
Robin J. Popplestone, Yanxi Liu, Rich Weiss 82

Book Reviews

Review of Artificial Intelligence: A Knowledge-Based Approach PDF
Joseph Montanarella 98
Review of Representation and Reality PDF
Lee A. Gladwin 100
Review of The Media Lab PDF
Lee S. Brownston 99

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