Vol 11, No 4

Special 1990

Table of Contents


About This Issue PDF
Robert S. Engelmore 4


The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth PDF
Joao P. Martins 7


Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology PDF
Lawrence Hunter 27
Issues in the Design of AI-Based Schedulers: A Workshop Report PDF
Karl Kempf, Claude Le Pape, Stephen F. Smith, Barry R. Fox 37
AI-Based Schedulers in Manufacturing Practice: Report of a Panel Discussion PDF
Karl Kempf, Bruce Russell, Sanjiv Sidhu, Stu Barrett 46
Second International Workshop on User Modeling PDF
Sandra Carberry 57
The First International Workshop on Human and Machine Cognition, Pensacola, Florida. Topic: The Frame Problem PDF
Eric Dietrich 60
Workshop on Defeasible Reasoning with Specificity and Multiple Inheritance PDF
R. P. Loui 65
Knowledge Discovery in Real Databases: A Report on the IJCAI-89 Workshop PDF
Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro 68
Task Communication Through Natural Language and Graphics PDF
Norman Badler, Bonnie Webber 71
Knowledge-Based Environments for Teaching and Learning PDF
Bevery Park Woolf, Elliot Soloway, William J. Clancey, Kurt Van Lehn, Dan Suthers 74
Thoughts and Afterthoughts on the 1988 Workshop on Principles of Hybrid Reasoning PDF
Alan M. Frisch, Anthony G. Cohn 77
A Bibliography on Hybrid Reasoning PDF
Alan M. Frisch, Richard B. Scherl 84
Full-Sized Knowledge-Based Systems Research Workshop PDF
Barry G. Silverman, Arthur J. Murray 88
Theory and Application of Minimal-Length Encoding: 1990 AAAI Spring Symposium Report PDF
Edwin P. D. Pednault 94

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