JYAG and IDEY: A Template-Based Generator and Its Authoring Tool

Songsak Channarukul, Susan W. McRoy, and Syed S. Ali, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

JYAG is the Java implementation of a real-time, general-purpose, template-based generation system (YAG, Yet Another Generator). JYAG enables interactive applications to adapt natural language output to the interactive context without requiring developers to write all possible output strings ahead of time or to embed extensive knowledge of the grammar of the target language in the application. Currently, designers of interactive systems who might wish to include dynamically generated text face a number of barriers; for example designers must decide (1) How hard will it be to link the application to the generator? (2) Will the generator be fast enough? (3) How much linguistic information will the application need to provide in order to get reasonable quality output? (4) How much effort will be required to write a generation grammar that covers all the potential outputs of the application? The design and implementation of our template-based generation system, JYAG, is intended to address each of these concerns.

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