Continuous Time in a SAT-Based Planner

Ji-Ae Shin and Ernest Davis

The TM-LPSAT planner can construct plans in domains containing atomic actions and durative actions; events and processes; discrete, real-valued, and interval-valued fluents; and continuous linear change to quantities. It works in three stages. In the first stage, a representation of the domain and problem in an extended version of PDDL+ is compiled into a system of propositional combinations of propositional variables and linear constraints over numeric variables. In the second stage, the LPSAT constraint engine is used to find a solution to the system of constraints. In the third stage, a correct parallel plan is extracted from this solution. We discuss the structure of the planner and show how a real-time temporal model is compiled into LPSAT constraints. Keywords: Propositional planning, LPSAT, continuoustime, numerical quantities, processes.

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