A Discourse Planning Approach to Virtual Cinematography for Narratives

Arnav Jhala, R Michael Young

As the complexity of narrative-based virtual environments grows, the need for effective communication of information to the users of these systems increase. Effective camera control for narrative-oriented virtual worlds involves decision making at three different levels: choosing cinematic geometric composition, choosing the best camera parameters for conveying affective information, and choosing camera shots and transitions to maintain rhetorical coherence. We propose a camera planning system that mirrors the film production pipeline; we describe our formalization of film idioms used to communicate affective information. Our representation of idioms captures their hierarchical nature, represents the causal motivation for selection of shots, and provides a way for the system designer to specify the ranking of candidate shot sequences.

Content Area: 5. Automated Reasoning

Subjects: 6.4 Virtual Reality; 13.1 Discourse

Submitted: May 10, 2005

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