ScriptEase — Motivational Behaviors for Interactive Characters in Computer Role-Playing Games

Maria Cutumisu, Duane Szafron, Jonathan Schaeffer, Kevin Waugh, Curtis Onuczko, Jeff Siegel, Allan Schumacher

ScriptEase is a tool that allows authors with no programming experience to create interactive stories for computer role-playing games. Instead of writing scripting code manually, game authors select design patterns that encapsulate frequent game scenarios, creating stories at a higher level of abstraction and being shielded from the underlying scripting language. ScriptEase has been extended to support behavior patterns that generate ambient behaviors for non-player characters. This demonstration shows how ScriptEase creates intricate non-player character scripts to generate compelling and engaging character behaviors. We demonstrate our ScriptEase motivational ambient and PC-interactive behaviors for a guard character using BioWare Corp.'s Neverwinter Nights game.

Subjects: 6.1 Life-Like Characters; 1.8 Game Playing

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