LOCATE Intelligent Systems Demonstration: Adapting Help to the Cognitive Styles of Users

Jack L. Edwards, Greg Scott

LOCATE is workspace layout design software that also serves as a testbed for developing and refining principles of adaptive aiding. This demonstration illustrates LOCATE's ability to determine user cognitive styles and provide help matched to those styles. To match LOCATE's help to users' cognitive styles, users are assessed along a Wholist-Analytic dimension and a Verbal-Imagery-Kinesthetic "trimension" and scoring places the user's style at a point in the resultant three-dimensional space. That information is stored in a User Model maintained by LOCATE and, whenever help is requested, material is provided in a form consistent with the system's inference about the user's cognitive style. Help options provided to users for selecting alternative forms of help permit the system to track those selections and allow for system adaptation to the user's preferred style of help.

Subjects: 4. Cognitive Modeling; 1.6 Engineering And Science

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