Using Answer Set Programming and Lambda Calculus to Characterize Natural Language Sentences with Normatives and Exceptions

Chitta Baral, Juraj Dzifcak, Tran Cao Son

One way to solve the knowledge acquisition bottleneck is to have ways to translate natural language sentences and discourses to a formal knowledge representation language, especially ones that are appropriate to express domain knowledge in sciences, such as Biology. While there have been several proposals, including by Montague (1970), to give model theoretic semantics for natural language and to translate natural language sentences and discourses to classical logic, none of these approaches use knowledge representation languages that can express domain knowledge involving normative statements and exceptions. In this paper we take a first step to illustrate how one can automatically translate natural language sentences about normative statements and exceptions to representations in the knowledge representation language Answer Set Programming (ASP). To do this, we use $\lambda$-calculus representation of words and their composition as dictated by a CCG grammar.

Subjects: 13. Natural Language Processing; 5. Common Sense Reasoning

Submitted: Apr 15, 2008

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