Authoring Environment for ShapeShifting Screen Media Productions

Marian F Ursu, Jonathan J. Cook, Vilmos Zsombori, Ian Kegel, Tim Stevens, Harald Mayer, Michael Hausenblas

We define ShapeShifting programmes as interactive and reconfigurable moving image productions that adapt their content, on the fly, to suit the preferences of the viewers or engagers. They are automatically edited at the time of delivery. We have developed a paradigm, a computational model and an accompanying software system for the creation and delivery of ShapeShifting Screen Media programmes. These are all generic - genre and production independent. They employ AI techniques including: logic programming, ontologies, symbolic representations, normative statements, and constraint satisfaction heuristics. This paper outlines the Authoring Environment component of the aforementioned software system.

Subjects: 6.2 Multimedia 11. Knowledge Representation

Submitted: Mar 27, 2007

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