DISPO: Distributed Multi-threaded Execution of Prolog Programs

A. S. Mohamed, A. Galal, I. Khalil, K. Sobh and M. Selim

DISPO is a Distributed Prolog Virtual Machine for interpreting and executing Prolog programs through distribution and multi- threading. It is a distributed version of a standard Prolog interpreter designed for exploiting OR-parallelism and pipe- lined AND parallelism. Some distinctive feature of DISPO is that it speeds up the execution of Prolog programs and generates all possible solutions for a query, i.e. it works as an all- solutions Prolog virtual machine. The effectiveness of its distribution technique and load balancing equations resulted in a 70% average speedup in the execution time of a number of Prolog benchmark programs. These results are presented graphically with a detailed analysis of system performance.

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