An Intelligent Interface for Keyboard and Mouse Control -- Providing Full Access to PC Functionality via Speech

Bill Manaris and Renée McCauley, College of Charlston, USA; Valanne MacGyvers, University of Louisiana, USA

SUITEKeys is a speech user interface for motor-disabled computer users. This interface provides access to all available functionality of a computer by modeling interaction at the physical keyboard and mouse level. SUITEKeys is currently implemented for MS Windows platforms. Its architecture integrates a continuous, speaker-independent recognition engine with natural language processing components. It makes extensive use of dialog management to improve recognition accuracy. SUITEKeys extends the speech-keyboard metaphor through functionality visible on its graphical user interface, and accessible through speech. Experimental results indicate that speech input for alphanumeric data entry is a much more effective modality than existing alternatives for the target user group. Such alternatives include miniaturized keyboards, stylus "soft" keyboards, and handwriting recognition software.

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