Institutionalizing the Field of Expertise Studies and Its Applications to Computer Science

Robert R. Hoffman

This Workshop is a forum at which researchers who are interested in the study of expertise and its applications in computer science will gather to share ideas and generate collaborative projects. A number of world?s foremost ?experts on expertise? have chosen to move to the northern 'Bend' region of Florida, which extends from the northern main peninsula across through the western panhandle. At few places in the world is there such a concentration of researchers and scientists focused on the goal of understanding the nature of expertise and then applying that knowledge to the development of new information technologies -- a goal that is of immense value to society. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that The Bend includes not just a critical mass, but a complementarity in each research center has a topical focus (expert performance, expert teams, experts’ cognition, computer science applications) and each center is interested in particular domains of expertise, such as music, sports, aviation, weather forecasting, and military command and control. At the Workshop, the Principals will present brief summaries of their research and interests, and then the group will engage in discussions aimed at (1) generating an action plan to facilitate research, (2) institutionalizing a process for training and education of researchers in Expertise Studies, and (3) generating new avenues for applications in computer science.

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