Real-Time Sensor Fusion Framework for Distributed Intelligent Sensors

Xiaojing Yuan, Xiangshang Li, and Xiaohui Yuan

Multi-sensor data fusion has found widespread applications in industrial and research sectors. The purpose of real time multi-sensor data fusion is to dynamically estimate an improved system model from a set of different data sources, i.e., sensors. This paper presented a systematic and unified real time sensor fusion framework (RTSFF) based on distributed intelligent sensor network. The RTSFF is an open architecture which consists of four layers — the transaction layer, the process fusion layer, the control layer, and the planning layer. This paradigm facilitates distribution of intelligence to the sensor level and sharing of information among sensors, controllers, and other devices in the system. The transducer layer is populated with intelligent sensors. The learning ability of the intelligent sensor model enables it to extract characteristics of monitored signal. The representation issue is managed at this level. After describing the RTSFF, the paper then focuses on the fundamental units of the framework, the highly autonomous transducers.

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