The Power of Experience: On the Usefulness of Validation Knowledge

Rainer Knauf, Setsuo Tsuruta, Kenichi Uehara, Takashi Onoyama, and Torsten Kurbad

TURING Test technologies are promising ways to validate AI systems which may have no alternative way to indicate validity. Human experts (validators) are often too expensive to involve. Furthermore, they often have different opinions from each other and from themselves over time. One way out of this situation is to employ a Validation Knowledge Base (V KB) which can be considered to be the collective experience of human expert panels. V KB is constructed and maintained across various validation sessions. Primary benefits are (1) decreasing the validators’ workload and (2) refining the methodology itself. Additionally, there are some side effects that (1) improve the selection of an appropriate expert panel and (2) improve the identification of an optimal solution to a test cases. Furthermore, Validation Experts Software Agents (V ESA) are introduced as an model of a particular expert’s knowledge. V ESA is a software agent corresponding to a human validator. It systematically models the validation knowledge and behavior of its human origin. After a learning period, it can be used to substitute the human exert.

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