Context-Based Representation of the Task/Method Paradigm

Patrick Brézillon and Emilie Marquois

The simultaneous consideration of various notions (practice, procedure, prescribed task, effective task, task space, task search, task, method, activity) shows that the task accomplishment cannot be discussed at a general level, as classical approaches do. Rather, this paper points out the importance to distinguish the task definition and the task realization because the former is mainly static while the latter is dynamic, dynamicity coming from making context explicit. The task realization supposes the choice of a method for accomplishing the task and of the available resources. Context constrains the choice of the method and availability of resources. This leads us to make context explicit in the representation of this task/method paradigm and the need to take into account the actor in the task realization because he selects the method to accomplish the task on the basis of the current context.

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