Structure Discovery in Sequentially Connected Data

Jeffrey A. Coble, Diane J. Cook, and Lawrence B. Holder, The University of Texas at Arlington

Much of current data mining research is focused on discovering sets of attributes that discriminate data entities into classes, such as shopping trends for a particular demographic group. In contrast, we are working to develop data mining techniques to discover patterns consisting of complex relationships between entities. Our research is particularly applicable to domains in which the data is event driven, such as counter-terrorism intelligence analysis. In this paper we describe an algorithm designed to operate over relational data received incrementally. Our approach includes a mechanism for summarizing discoveries from previous data increments so that the globally best patterns can be computed by examining only the new data increment. We describe a method by which relational dependencies that span across temporal increment boundaries can be efficiently resolved so that additional pattern instances, which do not reside entirely in a single data increment, can be discovered.

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