An Agent Based Architecture for Highly Competitive Electronic Markets

José Alberto R. P. Sardinha, Ruy L. Milidiú, Patrick M. Paranhos, Pedro M. Cunha, and Carlos J. P. de Lucena, Pontifícia Universidade Católica

In this paper we present a multi-agent architecture for trading in electronic markets with asynchronous and related auctions. This architecture enables the development of a multi-agent system for a highly competitive environment, where all participants are competing for a limited number of goods. We define intelligent agent roles that tackle sub problems of trading, and present a solution for combining these results in a distributed environment. The agents’ typical tasks are price prediction, bid planning, good allocations, negotiation, among others. We use the Trading Agent Competition (TAC) environment as a case study to illustrate the suitability of our approach. We also present LearnAgents, a multi-agent system based on our architecture that achieved the third place in the 2004 TAC Classic competition.

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