Human Factors Evaluation of Electronic Flight Bags

Divya C. Chandra

Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) are small, customizable information-management devices that aid pilots and aircraft operators in conducting flights more efficiently and safely. While the promise of EFBs is great, government regulators, potential customers, and industry developers all agree that EFBs raise many human factors considerations that must be handled appropriately in order to realize this promise without adverse effects. In order to support the development of an Advisory Circular on EFBs, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) tasked the Volpe Center to identify EFB human factors considerations. These were documented and reviewed by both government and industry. The next step is to assist the FAA in creating an evaluation procedure for EFBs that is based on the human factors document. The procedure will be designed for use by inspectors to evaluate EFB human factors considerations in the field.

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