A Pilot-Centered Evaluation of Geospatial Data for Proposed Navy Helicopter Moving-Map Displays

Maura C. Lohrenz, Michael E. Trenchard, Stephanie E. Edwards and Chris Collins

Cockpit moving-maps have provided heightened situation awareness to Navy fighter pilots for over ten years. The Navy now plans to install a moving-map into its multifunction MH-60S helicopter, which will perform sea-based missions such as combat search and rescue and mine countermeasures. The authors surveyed 49 Navy helicopter aircrew for their preferences with respect to four map types and six graphic overlays. Participants rated each resultant display for its potential to support naval helicopter missions. Aeronautical charts were rated highest, followed by bathymetric displays, nautical charts, and acoustic imagery. Preferred overlays included flight path, threat rings, historical mine data and seafloor bottom type.

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