A Multicriteria Approach for Distributed Planning and Conflict Resolution for Multiagent Systems

Pavlos Moraitis and Alexis Tsoukias, Universite Paris Dauphine, France

A multicriteria approach for distributed planning and conflict resolution in multiagent systems is presented in the paper. A graph representation is used to model the plans of each agent and a multicriteria "best" path procedure can be used in order to obtain the "best" path for each agent considering her/his private goals. In our approach private and local goals do not necessarily coincide. A conflict and/or positive cooperation may occur and a detection procedure is triggered as soon as the agents broadcast their "best plans". A negotiation process is the established if necessary. Such a process iterates the use of the graph representation and of the "best" path algorithm to a level including the agents that have to negotiate. The parameters of the multicriteria model used to evaluate the paths are then negotiated or even the model itself. Some open problems conclude the paper.

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