Learning Metrics via Discriminant Kernels and Multidimensional Scaling: Toward Expected Euclidean Representation

Zhihua Zhang

Distance-based methods in machine learning and pattern recognition have to rely on a metric distance between points in the input space. Instead of specifying a metric a priori, we seek to learn the metric from data via kernel methods and multidimensional scaling (MDS) techniques. Under the classification setting, we define discriminant kernels on the joint space of input and output spaces and present a specific family of discriminant kernels. This family of discriminant kernels is attractive because the induced metrics are Euclidean and Fisher separable, and MDS techniques can be used to find the lowdimensional Euclidean representations (also called feature vectors) of the induced metrics. Since the feature vectors incorporate information from both input points and their corresponding labels and they enjoy Fisher separability, they are appropriate to be used in distance-based classifiers.

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