APIC: A Generic Interface for Sequencing Projects

Gilles Bisson and Alain Garreau

In this paper, we describe the APIC graphical interface that aims at displaying the results produced by the genomic sequence analysis methods and at helping a comparison of these results. The major feature of APIC lies in its genericity. As a matter of fact, this interface can obviously be used to visualise genetic or physical maps but it also able to display other kinds of information such as curves or pictures. On the one hand, APIC provides the biologist who builds a new sequence analysis method with a standard interface allowing to display his results. Thus, he can avoid implementing a specific visualisation tool. On the other hand, even when the methods already have their own interfaces, using APIC has the advantage of giving a homogeneous way to compare several results coming from different analysis tools. Moreover, it provides some powerful functions for navigating and browsing into the results.

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