Computer Tool FUNSITE for Analysis of Eukaryotic Regulatory Genomic Sequences

Alexander Kel, Y. V. Kondrakhin , P. A. Kolpakov, O. V. Kel, A. G. Romashenko, E. Wingender, L. Milanesi, and N. A. Kolchanov

We present the computer tool FUNSITE for description and analysis of regulatory sequences of eukaryotic genomes. The tool consists of the following main parts: 1) An integrated database for genomic regulatory sequences. The integrated database was designed on the basis of the databases TRANSFAC (Wingender 1994) and TRRD (Kel et al. 1995 ) that are currently under development. The following functions are performed: i) linkage to the EMBL database; ii) preparing samples of definite types of functional sites with their flanking sequences; iii) preparing samples of promoter sequences; iv) preparing samples of transcription factors classified with regard to structural and functional features of DNA binding and activating domains, functional families of the factors, their tissue specificity and other functional features; v) access to data on mutual disposition of cis- elements within the regulatory regions. 2) The second component of FUNSITE tool is the set of programs for analysis of the structural organization of regulatory sequences: i) Program for revealing of potential transcription factors binding sites based on their consensi; ii) program for revealing of the potential binding sites using homology search with nucleotide sequences of real binding sites; iii) program for analysis of oligonucleotide context features which are characteristic of flank sequences of the binding sites; iv) program for design of recognition method for the functional sites based on generalized weight matrix; v) program for revealing potential composite elements. The results of analysis of the promoter sequences of eukaryotic genes with the FUNSITE are presented, too.

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