ANOLEA: A www Server to Assess Protein Structures

Francisco Melo, Damien Devos, Eric Depiereux and Ernest Feytmans

ANOLEA (Atomic Non-Local Environment Assessment) is a www server that performs energy calculations at the atomic level in protein structures. The calculations involve the non-local interactions between all the heavy atoms of the twenty standard amino acids in the molecule. The input of the server is a PDB file containing one or more protein chains. The output is an energy profile, which gives an energy value for each amino acid of the protein. High energy zones (HEZs) in the profile correlate with errors or with potential interacting zones of proteins. The output of the server also displays the structure in three dimensions, pointing out the high energy amino acids in the protein. This option requires the CHIME plug-in, which is freely available on Internet and makes possible, in real time, to rotate, translate and change the point of view and presentation of the molecule in three dimensions. Thus, a fast analysis of a protein structure can be done using a personal computer connected to Internet.

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