Fast and Intuitive Clustering of Web Documents

Oren Zamir, Oren Etzioni, Omid Madani, and Richard M. Karp, University of Washington

Conventional document retrieval systems (e.g., Alta Vista) return long lists of ranked documents in response to user queries. Recently, document clustering has been put forth as an alternative method of organizing retrieval results. A person browsing the clusters can discover patterns that could be overlooked in the traditional presentation. This paper describes two novel clustering methods that intersect the documents in a cluster to determine the set of words (or phrases) shared by all the documents in the cluster. We report on experiments that evaluate these intersection-based clustering methods on collections of snippets returned from Web search engines. First, we show that word-intersection clustering produces superior clusters and does so faster than standard techniques. Second, we show that our O(n log n) time phrase-intersection clustering method produces comparable clusters and does so more than two orders of magnitude faster than all methods tested.

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