Joins that Generalize: Text Classification Using WHIRL

William W. Cohen, Haym Hirsh

WHIRL is an extension of relational databases that can perform "soft joins" based on the similarity of textual identifiers; these soft joins extend the traditional operation of joining tables based on the equivalence of atomic values. This paper evaluates WHIRL on a number of inductive classification tasks using data from the World Wide Web. We show that although WHIRL is designed for more general similarity-based reasoning tasks, it is competitive with mature inductive classification systems on these classification tasks. In particular, WHIRL generally achieves lower generalization error than C4.5, RIPPER, and several nearest-neighbor methods. WHIRL is also fast-up to 500 times faster than C4.5 on some benchmark problems. We also show that WHIRL can be efficiently used to select from a large pool of unla beled items those that can be classified correctly with high confidence.

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