Advanced Research with Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Patrick Doherty

The emerging area of intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) research has shown rapid development in recent years and offers a great number of research challenges for artificial intelligence and knowledge representation. For both military and civilian applications, there is a desire to develop more sophisticated UAV platforms where the emphasis is placed on intelligent capabilities and their integration in complex distributed software architectures. Such architectures should support the integration of deliberative, reactive and control functionalities in addition to the UAV’s integration with larger network centric systems. In my talk I will present some of the research and results from a long term basic research project with UAVs currently being pursued at Linköping University, Sweden. The talk will focus on knowledge representation techniques used in the project and the support for these techniques provided by the software architecture developed for our UAV platform, a Yamaha RMAX helicopter. Additional focus will be placed on some of the planning and execution monitoring functionality developed for our applications in the areas of traffic monitoring, surveying and photogrammetry and emergency services assistance.

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