LTL over Description Logic Axioms

Franz Baader, Franz Baader, Silvio Ghilardi, Carsten Lutz

Most of the research on temporalized Description Logics (DLs) has concentrated on the case where temporal operators can occur within DL concept descriptions. In this setting, reasoning usually becomes quite hard if rigid roles, i.e., roles whose interpretation does not change over time, are available. In this paper, we consider the case where temporal operators are allowed to occur only in front of DL axioms (i.e., ABox assertions and general concept inclusion axioms), but not inside of concepts descriptions. As the temporal component, we use linear temporal logic (LTL) and in the DL component we consider the basic DL ALC. We show that reasoning in the presence of rigid roles becomes considerably simpler in this setting.

Subjects: 11.1 Description Logics; 3.6 Temporal Reasoning

Submitted: Jun 13, 2008

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