GuNQ — A Semantic Web Engine with a Keyword based Query Approach

Nipun Bhatia, Prashant Gaharwar, Pratyus Patnaik, Sudip Sanyal

The Semantic Web is an extension of the current web in which information is given a well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation. In this paper we present, GuNQ - A GUI based Semantic Web Engine and a keyword based query approach to achieve ease of implementation and usage of Semantic Web applications. The GuNQ supports loading and validation of OWL/RDF ontologies, conversion to N-tuples, inferencing, indexing of classes and URI keywords of the ontology and querying using standard query languages like RDQL and SPARQL as well as keyword based querying. We incorporated the keyword based query approach for the user unfamiliar with the syntax of complex query languages viz. SPARQL. This enables users to Query using simple keywords and generate an equivalent query in RDQL/SPARQL format. We employed GuNQ as an effective framework for hassle-free development of various Semantic Web applications including the famous Wine Recommender using Food and Wine Ontology, a Semantic Web based Search Engine, Computer Intrusion Detection System, Tagged Image Search and Recognition. Finally, we evaluated the performance of our keyword based query approach in conjunction with GuNQ. We found a high consistency between keyword based and standard query result.

Subjects: 1.10 Information Retrieval; 11.2 Ontologies

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