Model-Unified Planning and Execution for Distributed Autonomous System Control

Paul Tompkins, Pascal Aschwanden, Vijay Baskaran, Sara Bernardini, Chuck Fry, Maria Moreno, Nicola Muscettola, Chris Plaunt, David Rijsman

The Intelligent Distributed Execution Architecture (IDEA) is a real-time architecture that exploits artificial intelligence planning as the core reasoning engine for interacting autonomous agents. Rather than enforcing separate deliberation and execution layers, IDEA unifies them under a single planning technology. Deliberative and reactive planners reason about and act according to a single representation of the past, present and future domain state. The state obeys the rules dictated by a declarative model of all relevant aspects of the domain - the subsystem to be controlled, internal control processes of the IDEA agent, and interactions with other agents. We present IDEA concepts — modeling, the IDEA core architecture, the unification of deliberation and reaction under planning — and illustrate its use in a simple example. Finally, we present several real-world applications of IDEA, and compare IDEA to other high-level control approaches.

Subjects: 2. Architectures; 15.3 Control

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