Interoperability in Open Heterogeneous Multirobot Systems

Stanislaw Ambroszkiewicz, Waldemar Bartyna, Krzysztof Cetnarowicz, Marek Faderewski, Grzegorz Terlikowski

An approach to the problem of interoperability in open and heterogeneous multirobot systems is presented. It is based on the paradigm of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and a generic representation of the environment. Robot, and generally device, is seen as a collection of its capabilities exposed as services. The representation of environment is used to define tasks, and service interfaces. Several protocols are proposed to enable interoperability among the services in order to publish, discover, compose services, and execute the composite services. The representation, language for task definition, and language for service interface definition, as well as the protocols constitute together an information technology for automatic task accomplishment in open system consisting of heterogeneous devices (robots).

Subjects: 7.1 Multi-Agent Systems; 17. Robotics

Submitted: Sep 13, 2007