Opinion Extraction, Summarization and Tracking in News and Blog Corpora

Lun-Wei Ku, Yu-Ting Liang,Hsin-Hsi Chen

Humans like to express their opinions and are eager to know others' opinions. Automatically mining and organizing opinions from heterogeneous information sources are very useful for individuals, organizations and even governments. Opinion extraction, opinion summarization and opinion tracking are three important techniques for understanding opinions. Opinion extraction mines opinions at word, sentence and document levels from articles. Opinion summarization summarizes opinions of articles by telling sentiment polarities, degree and the correlated events. In this paper, both news and web blog articles are investigated. TREC, NTCIR and articles collected from web blogs serve as the information sources for opinion extraction. Documents related to the issue of animal cloning are selected as the experimental materials. Algorithms for opinion extraction at word, sentence and document level are proposed. The issue of relevant sentence selection is discussed, and then topical and opinionated information are summarized. Opinion summarizations are visualized by representative sentences. Text-based summaries in different languages, and from different sources, are compared. Finally, an opinionated curve showing supportive and non-supportive degree along the timeline is illustrated by an opinion tracking system.

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