Going Places — Notes on a Modular Development of Knowledge about Travel

Michael Gelfond

The paper presents a formalization of a comparatively simple traveling story. The emphasis is on the development and implementation of a library of knowledge modules needed for axiomatization of journey - a movement of a group of objects from one place (the origin) to another (the destination). The movement should be able to follow a predefined route, and to achieve its goal even in the presence of natural interruptions, e.g. unexpected stops. We outline a language M for defining knowledge modules and for assembling them into a coherent knowledge base in CR-Prolog - an extension of Answer Set Prolog capable of encoding rare events. The formalization generalizes theory of action by introducing a notion of activity - a sequence of intended actions which can be interrupted by unexpected and unplanned events. The notion of journey presented in the paper is a special case of a more general notion of activity.

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