Using Wikitology for Cross-Document Entity Coreference Resolution

Tim Finin, Zareen Syed, James Mayfield, Paul McNamee, and Christine Piatko

We describe the use of the Wikitology knowledge base as a resource for a variety of applications with special focus on a cross-document entity coreference resolution task. This task involves recognizing when entities and relations mentioned in different documents refer to the same object or relation in the world. Wikitology is a knowledge base system constructed with material from Wikipedia, DBpedia and Freebase that in- cludes both unstructured text and semi-structured information. Wikitology was used to define features that were part of a sys- tem implemented by the Johns Hopkins University Human Language Technology Center of Excellence for the 2008 Auto- matic Content Extraction cross-document coreference resolu- tion evaluation organized by National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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